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Mind, Body, Spirit
May 10, 2019

Floating for the Mind, Body & Spirit There are many proven benefits of Floating for the mind, the body and the…

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Top 20 Proven Benefits of Infrared Saunas
April 8, 2019

Promotes rapid detoxification Improves muscle recovery and eases joint pain Kickstarts the immune system Improves cardiovascular health & increases blood circulation Increases metabolism…

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Floating for Autism
March 5, 2019

Sensory Deprivation Tanks for Autism Talking Points: Understanding the Autism Spectrum REST and the benefits on overstimulated senses Emotional wellbeing, alleviating…

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Floating For Athletes
November 7, 2018

A Must Have For Your Athletic Performance And Recovery The sun is shining on the Gold Coast and sports activities are…

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How Floating Combats Addiction
October 26, 2018

Floating for Addiction Addiction exists in all aspects of our lives as the mechanisms that occur in the brain and body…

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Floating For A Healthy State Of Mind
October 17, 2018

Free Your Body, Free Your Mind.. Most people that have floated may be well aware of all of the physical benefits…

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Floating for Arthritis
September 23, 2018

Floating for Arthritis “I have psoriatic arthritis and have been desperate for some relief from the constant pain and this experience…

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Make The Most Out Of Your Float With Meditation
September 16, 2018

“The monkey mind is strong in this one but the moments of peace and space were blissful and filled with light…

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Floating Improves Cognitive Function
August 30, 2018

Floating Improves Cognitive Function The Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique (REST) utilizes float tanks in order to help people heal, both physically and mentally….

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My float tank experiences weren’t always relaxing
August 28, 2018

What an amazing description of her journey with floatation therapy written by one of our now “experienced floaters” Alyse from An Apple a Day….

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