Light up Your Life, with Chromotherapy

What is Chromotherapy?
Chromotherapy, or colour therapy is the use of individual colours from the visible light spectrum to support wellness.
One of the first scientists to identify Chromotherapy and its benefits was August Pleasonton in 1876. He published a
book about his findings on how blue light increased plant growth and how he noted enhanced health outcomes in

What is light?
Light is a form of energy – a fluctuation of electric and magnetic fields in nature. The interaction of these electric and
magnetic fields produces the phenomenon of coloured light.
Each colour has its very own wavelength, frequency and quantity of energy. The different wavelength responds to
the colours that we see – whether that be green, red, blue, purple etc.
Interestingly, the human eye is only able to see wavelengths of colour between the levels of 380 nm and 780 nm
(nanometers = measurement of the light wavelength). Colours that fit in between these nanometres make up every
colour that we have ever seen in the world. These are known as the Visible Spectrum of colours.
This means that other “colours” outside of this spectrum are unable to be seen by the human eye – but still exist!
Colours of the visible spectrum – ones which humans can see – are the colours utilised for Chromotherapy in humans.
As each colour has a specific wavelength, frequency and measurable energy level, it has been found that these
factors can have an influence on the human body and mind, offering therapeutic benefits.

The Visible Spectrum
This comprises of seven core colours, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.
When all of these colours, and each different wavelength is combined and seen at the same time, this appears as
while light to the human eye.
Each colour of the visible spectrum, and therefore each wavelength and frequency, has been associated with
different beneficial effects on the human body and mind.

  • Red light has been found to increase energy and reduce feelings of tiredness. It has also been linked to reduced
    muscle and joint stiffness.
  • Yellow light has been associated with improved digestive capacity in the body, so may be beneficial around meal
    times to support digestion and aid your rest and digest function.
  • Blue light, the opposite colour to red, has been found to reduce blood pressure of participants exposed to this
    coloured light, and found to reduce frequency of migraines in regular sufferers. It is used as a calming colour rather
    than a stimulating, energetic colour.
  • Green light, the colour of nature around us, has not surprisingly shown benefits in supporting both energy and relaxation
    at the same time within the body. It is known to have a neutral effect – keeping the body and mind in balance.
  • Orange light has been found to enhance creative processes and thinking – so if you’re looking for new inspiration in
    light, orange lighting may just be the way to go.
  • Lastly, purple coloured light, either indigo or violet, has been associated with decreased emotional and mental stress.It has also been associated with increased relaxation, and found to be beneficial in environments that wish to
    promote feelings of relaxation. So this light can be used when you are feeling stressed, getting ready to wind down
    for bed in the evenings, or during a bath, yoga session or nap during the day.How do I get more Colour in my Life?
    At the Freedom Float Centre, colour therapy is available in both the infra-red sauna and in our float pods.
    So whilst you are sauna-ing, you can enjoy the benefits of relaxation from the blue or purple light, helping you to
    de-stress. Or if you’re feeling a little flat, a red light might be best to get the energy flowing and reduce tiredness.
    Our float pods offer alternating colours, going through all colours of the spectrum, so you can enjoy them all.
    Otherwise, all of our pods are set with blue lighting to support optimal relaxation and rest during your float.
    If you’d like us to change the light for you in the sauna, just let us know before your session and we can change it to
    what you are feeling on the day 🙂

    To read more interesting facts about colour therapy click on the link below:,color%