september, 2019

mon 09 sep 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm Evolving Frequencies

Event Details

Evolving Frequencies

There is a frequency with in us all, a vital force, a technology that heals, a consciousness that evolves…

Evolving Frequencies is about connecting to this as we all evolve, grow and heal together as one.

Frequency + Intnetion = Healing

It has been said that sound is the medicine of the future,
…and that future is now.

Everything is vibrating,
Their is a song playing…

πŸ™Who is this event for?

People looking to explore sound for healing.
Practitioners of Yoga, mindfulness and meditation.
Anyone curious about healing and finding a deeper connection with themselves.

πŸ™Brief overview of the event?

The intention of this event is to offer the community an opportunity to relax, reconnect and rejuvenate.
Every Monday at 6:30pm.

The Session will include a short wisdom sharing and clearing/smudging, you will be guided to lay down to receive the Sound Healing.

The Instruments used During each Freedom Sound Healing vary for depending on the intention of the session.

-9 Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls
-Tibetan Singing Bowls

πŸ™What challenges do we cover in the event?
-Stress and Anxiety
-Low energy and exhaustion
-Overwhelm and Busy Minds
-Poor Sleep

πŸ™What results do people get in the event?

-Feeling Relax and rejuvenated.
-An increase in clarity, focus and mood.
-Feeling energetically re-aligned and harmonised within body and mind.
-A shift and release of stagnant energy and tension.
-Reduced pain.

πŸ™What modalities/intentions are covered and brief description?
-An introduction into Sound Healing Basics
-The Power of Breathe and Intention

πŸ™What are the dates and times?

1st and 3rd Monday of the month 6:30pm

The contribution for the event is $25 and bookings are essential as places are limited!
These workshops do sell out so please be sure to confirm your spot by contacting the Float centre on (07) 5535 7778

All equipment is provided including yoga mat’s, pillows, blankets and bolsters. feel free to bring anything else you may need to be comfortable: )