august, 2019

sun 25 aug 1:30 pm - 4:45 pm Fearless Birthing

Event Details

Would like to feel prepared, calm and confident about your pregnancy, your birth and into parenting?

I am going to reveal to you 3 steps to giving birth that you and your birth partner will be able to easily use in the preparation, during the birth whatever your birth plan may be and then being able to take it into parenting and in life.

The reason that this workshop is different is that I will be giving you practical methods that I have shared with many other women who have successfully used in birth and beyond into motherhood.

I have a wealth of over 20 years of experience working with women preparing for birth and motherhood. I combine my knowledge into a very unique, practical easy to use method. It will complement any antenatal classes taught in a hospital and private environment such as hypno-birthing and many more birthing classes.

It is suitable to guide you through any outcome during your birth.

What are we covering?

Movement during birth – active stages of birth / birthing partner coaching
Breathing during each stage of the birth / birthing partner coaching
Birthing Meditation – Letting go and connecting to your baby (& your partner)
Q&A for getting birth ready – becoming parents
Connecting with your baby and thinking about the other side of birth – Whats next?
What will you take away from the workshop?

Breathing method to use in your birth regardless of the outcome
Connection and mental readiness to meet your baby
A deeper relaxed state and being able to understand yourself, your body and its power.
Connecting with other pregnant couples or women
Follow up support from me before the birth
If you want to come on your own thats absolutely okay, it sometimes feels very much your choice on how you will prepare your mind and body for the birth. If after the workshop your husband wants to know more then i can come to you both at home and walk you through the practical parts of the workshop and give you a breathing experience together, its special and very connecting. If you would prefer this for yourself and partner then please contact me.

I am only taking a small group through so you can connect with each other and I can really assist you and get to know you and your journey, so if want you to learn and experience this method then you will need to book ASAP.

I am so looking forward to seeing you all, please reach out with any questions.

Nicola x


You pay for one ticket and your birthing partner comes for FREE 🙂


These tickets are refundable 7 days before the event or if baby arrives early, due to the limited number of spaces available.