august, 2019

sat 17 aug 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm The Breathworks Experience with Cacao Activation

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“The healing I need is in the air that I breathe”

Awaken with a transformational journey into yourself with the healing power of your own breath. The breath is the doorway to unlock the subconscious, giving you the key to release any blocks, emotions and beliefs that keeping you stuck in your life.


By the age of 5, most people have inhibited breathing. Every traumatic experience and negative thought we have had inhibits our breathing ability. Every time we experience a negative event we hold our breath and store that moment, the negative experience and emotion in our body. These stored memories create core beliefs that build over the years, with the stress and tension of everyday life, since birth.

Connected Breathing is a safe, natural way to let go, and release deep blocks and tension in your body. To allow you to journey into your self to find the understanding, peace and answers you’ve been looking for.

To open your Breathworks Experience to another level we combine it with a Cacao Activation. Cacao is a subtle, yet powerful heart opener when taken at the ceremonial dose.

The Breath and Cacao are a dynamic duo to allow you to open and deepen into yourself allowing you to let go of any resistance or fear, that is stopping you from living in your truth, connected
to yourself and a life filled with love, passion and purpose.


In this 3 hour workshop allow me to guide you on a Cacao and breathing experience that will deepen your connection to Self.

The Breath I teach is heart-based, circular breathing. Although the breathing rhythm is very gentle, the session can be very powerful.
Through conscious connected breathing you accumulate life force which starts to move freely through your body (experienced as tingling, energy rushes or waves). This loosens up stored blockages held in your four-body energy system (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), thus working on all four levels at the same time.

Experiences may vary every time. They range from physical sensations of pain or pleasure, to the release of body blockages and deep emotions. All of which we can dissolve to bring us back to a place of peace – even bliss.

In this workshop you will also walk away with a daily practice that will enhance your experience and your connection in your every day life.


Freedom Float Centre ~ Burleigh Heads

The arrival time will be 12.50 so we can get started at 1pm


A confirmation email on purchase of your ticket will be sent on what to bring and self care before and after the event.


$89 online purchase.


Due to limited spaces – No refunds are provided. However change of ticket name is accepted. Thank-you for understanding.

Pregnancy, Cardiovascular problems, epilepsy, anyone on heavy medication, recent surgery


Melissa is a Qualified ‘Rebirthing’ Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Life Coach and IIN Holistic Health Coach.

Being born a highly sensitive, intuitive empath Melissa has been on a journey from birth. A journey with many highs but just as many challenges. Which with little understanding of herself and her abilities she struggled internally to cope with her high sensitivity to life and the depth of how she felt.

Through the years this led her into depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, adrenal exhaustion and unexplainable health problems. Which then, was a reflection of her life externally she had created , of abusive relationships, over doing, giving and people pleasing.

Through her commitment to her inner work it allowed her to shift, grow and change her life and transform her health. Being guided through her shadows to see that she was here to use her life experience and gifts to not only heal herself but to help others do the same.

She discovered a Breath work technique called “Rebirthing” in her early 20s, which she studied with her mentor Ron Bass. Committed deeply to this breath practice she was amazed by the transformation to her own inner growth but then she wasn’t quite ready to share this healing.

She continued studies in many areas to deepen her knowledge to heal. From holistic health, yoga, to intuitive life coaching, mediumship, chakra cleansing and meditation. What she realised is that through all modalities she studied it was all connected by the Breath.

With the combination of her Rebirthing, Yoga teaching and integrating her mentors Ron Bass and Belinda Davidson teachings. She was able to be guided by her intuition, balance and harness her energy and channel and heal with the white light. Through this powerful combination The Breathworks Experience was birthed..

If you feel it’s your time to get unstuck, to release the past and step into a more empowered grounded you. Allow me to create this safe space for your to truly let go and release..

The Breathworks Experience is a safe, natural way to journey deeply into yourself to find the understanding, peace and answers you’ve been looking for.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to connect.

Big Love

Melissa x