Infrared Sauna Gold Coast

Infrared Sauna

What is an Infrared Sauna?

An Infrared sauna is the most advanced sauna technology. An infrared sauna uses infrared light to create heat. A traditional sauna uses heat to warm the air, which in turn warms your body. An infrared sauna heats your body directly without warming the air around you, penetrating at a deep tissue cellular level, facilitating in removing toxins and heavy metals from the body.

Infrared Saunas are also known for being extremely efficient at promoting improved metabolism and weight loss. For example, if a 68kg person usually burns around 300 calories jogging or swimming for 30 minutes, the infrared sauna can potentially burn 400 calories in one 30 minute session according to Dr Masakazu Imamura, in a study published in the Journal of American College of Cardiology in 2001.

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Top 20 Proven Benefits of Infrared Saunas

  1. Promotes rapid detoxification
  2. Improves muscle recovery and eases joint pain
  3. Kickstarts the immune system
  4. Improves cardiovascular health & increases blood circulation
  5. Increases metabolism and promotes weight loss
  6. Lowers blood pressure
  7. Reduces likelihood of congestive heart failure
  8. Increases lymphatic flow
  9. Relieves stress
  10. Alleviates allergic reactions

11. Reduces acne
12. Eases many types of anxiety
13. Can heal chronic fatigue & reduces insomnia
14. Can assist with chemical sensitivities
15. Lowers the risk of dementia
16. Can reduce feelings of depression & assists with balancing hormones
17. Can help heal eczema from the inside out
18. Reduces the frequency of recurring colds and flus
19. Improves symptoms of ADHD and autism related to toxicity
20. Assists with ED (erectile dysfunction)

Infrared Sauna Gold Coast

“I have been doing the Infrared Sauna 10 pack to expel toxins from my body in the past few weeks. As a florist, I work with flowers that are covered in nasty chemicals. Four sessions in and I already feel lighter, cleaner, the swelling in my joints is gone, and my skin doesn’t itch up as much. This week, 3 people have commented on how well I look and I’ve lost weight too” – Alicia Broom

Infrared Sauna in Burleigh Heads

Pricing Options

30 min session

extra person + $10

5 x 30 min sessions

10 x 30min sessions

20 x 30min sessions

45 min session

extra person + $10

5 x 45min sessions

10 x 45min sessions

20 x 45min sessions

30min sauna + 1hr float combo?

*additional $20 for a 30min sauna when taken prior to your float

Terms and Conditions:

EXTRA PERSON: Our sauna will comfortably fit two people. Add a second person for only $10 (when you pay for a full priced session). If you are buying/have a package, two sessions will be deducted.

SAUNA BEFORE A FLOAT: We recommend you sauna BEFORE your float. This is so you can sweat out all the toxins and OPEN your pores. It is also useful if you feel like you may not switch off in the pod. A sauna beforehand can be the perfect thing to ease you into relaxation. There is a guided meditation track in the sauna. We provide all towels and toiletries necessary for your session, as well as a hair drying station. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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