Coming into Freedom Float for a blissful day of pampering, a float session and/or infrared sauna can be a great way to spend some romantic time with your loved one and reconnect on a deeper level. In this article, you will learn my top 4 reasons why floating is the perfect gift for your lover this valentines day…

1.) Shared “Me Time” – Often in relationships, we get so caught up in what we are achieving with our partner and “ticking all the boxes”, we can lose sight of each other’s inner thoughts and desires. When you come in for a float together, I suggest you come at least 15 mins early so you and your loved one have some time before the float to be with each other, relax, and enjoy the whole experience without being in a rush. You will then go into your own separate rooms to enjoy some quality “me time”. Time to reflect, time to go inward, time to gain clarity, relax, and revitalise. This gift says “I love you for you, I respect you as an individual and encourage you to embrace your own unique perspectives, thoughts and experiences”. By allowing yourself and your loved one to have this deeply personal experience, you are honouring each of you as well as the relationship as a whole.

After you have both gone on your inner journey within the pod, you then reconnect again over a cup of herbal tea in our lounge area where you are welcome to stay as long as you like to enjoy each other’s company, share your experiences in the pods, to delve into topics you would otherwise not set aside time for, or just to simply “be” in each other’s presence. 

2.) Reflection – In times gone past, we would have more time in our daily lives to sit, “be”, ponder, and reflect. In this busy day in age, our minds are constantly stimulated and entertained with music, podcasts, tv, social media, hobbies, activities and we are all are caught up in the hustle and bustle of work, productivity, social commitments, and other goals we are working towards. For a healthy relationship, we must all have time without distractions in order to reflect and hold space for one and other. This time of reflection also gives us the opportunity to improve our conception of events and situations that have occurred, facilitating personal growth and learning.

The practice of “reflecting” can be understood as time spent focusing on a topic, situation, event, or thinking about the past, present or future. Reflection leads to a heightened ability to learn from experiences, gain insight into how our actions impact the world around us and apply these lessons to future life situations. In order to maintain a healthy transformative relationship, we must have the capacity to adapt, which requires continuous learning and growth. This is why this practice of reflection can be so beneficial for couples and their relationships… and what better place to do this than the float tank, where there are no distractions or outside influences preventing inner growth.

3.) Mental Health – Preliminary research has shown that floating can lower stress, anxiety and even depression. By reducing how much sensory input the brain and nervous system receive, we enter a state of calm which creates the right conditions for the mind to recalibrate to perform at it’s best. Floating also lowers cortisol levels which takes us out of that high strung stressful state and brings us back down to a more relaxed and grounded state. A state of peace, calm and contentment. We all need time to recharge, to recalibrate and to relax… and an added bonus is that people often have an endorphin release at the end of their float which sends them “floating” out the door in a state of bliss and a re-found zest for life which can trickle into the relationship.

4.) Experience Gift – Why not hold off on the chocolates and teddy bear this valentines day and instead opt for an experience that’s going to be transformational and memorable for you and your partner. We have beautiful gift cards available in-store, or you can purchase online here

Freedom Float’s 2020 valentines day float special is a Duo Float Pack (2 x 1 hour floats) is just $110 available from 28th of January until Valentine’s Day (14th of Feb). You can also add a Duo Infrared Sauna for just $15 extra per person.

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Written by Skye Miller