Floating for Sleep 

Float tanks, otherwise known as sensory deprivation tanks, are filled with 1000 litres of water and over half a tonne of magnesium sulphate enriched epsom salts. The water and air temperature in the tanks are kept at body temperature which simulates a feeling of floating in nothingness, while the lack of sight and sound creates the perfect environment for relaxation and sleep. Studies have shown that floating can improve REM sleep which is the deep sleep required to effectively heal and rebuild neurological pathways in the brain improving clarity, focus, problem solving skills and hormonal imbalances.

How floating can help with Sleep:

  • Without external distractions, the mind naturally enters a state of relaxation
  • REM sleep is easier to achieve with minimal external input from your senses
  • The high concentration of magnesium in the tank activates the parasympathetic nervous system in the body which is responsible for helping you feel calm and relaxed.
  • The anti-gravity environment alleviates physical tension allowing the nerves and muscles to truly rest
  • Floating can assist with resetting sleep cycles for those who are suffering from jet lag or insomnia by healing the neurological pathways associated with sleep.

In the tanks, your brainwaves can drop from Alpha state into the Theta state, making it easier to make the transition to Delta waves required for REM sleep which heals neurological pathways. Insomniacs can benefit from this healing sleep state to prevent ongoing fatigue, heart disease, anxiety, mood swings, cravings and brain fog. The anti-gravity environment in the sensory deprivation tanks allows muscles to relax which can also benefit those who suffer from insomnia caused by physical tension or pain.

 “To have the time and space to truly feel and let go… priceless. Thank you!” – Andrew

Memberships available for $59 per month which gets you a monthly float, free Birthday float, free infrared sauna session and all additional floats for members are just $50.

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– Skye Miller