“All of the wonderful things that you are looking for – happiness, peace, and joy – can be found inside of you. You do not need to look anywhere else”

~Thich nhat hanh

Floatation therapy has so many benefits to offer your mind.
It supports your overall well-being by tending not only to your physical body, but also to your emotional health.
The mind is an extraordinary part of the human body, and a healthy mind is truly important to experience and maintain your overall well-being.
Mindfulness is a term you’ve almost definitely come across.
The surge of interest in health across the community has also brought to the forefront the role the mind plays in health, and how establishing healthy thought patterns can assist in almost every aspect of your daily life.

Mindfulness Practice
Floatation therapy is a great way to support your mindfulness practice.
You are resting in a completely private, sound-proof pod, containing 550kg of Magnesium salts, allowing your body to drift peacefully on the water’s surface.
With your body relaxed and in a state of bliss, your mind can follow suit and relax in to a restful and peaceful state.
This is your time to take a moment to yourself – for yourself – offering a great opportunity for mindfulness. 

Mindfulness is not a way of escaping your mind, thoughts or emotions.  

It is the practice of noticing your thoughts, sitting with them, being mindful of them, and allowing yourself to rest with things exactly as they are.
It is setting time aside to look at your reality with mindfulness and attentiveness, paving the way for more awareness of yourself and your emotions.
This encourages a better connection to self, and promotes a healthier mind.
This also paves the way for greater feelings of content.  Noticing where you are, and being ok with exactly where this is.
Mindfulness can assist in putting things into perspective for you.  Noticing your mind can allow you to take stock of thoughts or feelings you have been experiencing, and can allow you space to look at aspects of your life with fresh eyes.
This can lead to all sorts of exciting prospects – 

  • New Thought Patterns
    Facilitating change, a new direction to take, or more focus on what is important in your life.
    Having a new thought in your brain is like walking through a grassy field for the first time.  A little tricky to find at first, but re-visiting and finding this thought is like walking this same path over and over and it becomes easier to find and follow each time.
  • Gratitude
    For elements of your life you had previously overlooked – perhaps gratitude for a supportive person in your life, the natural world around you, or your health.
  • New Ideas and Approaches
    This allows them to present themselves – this doesn’t have to be solutions, but may be a new way to look at a situation in a way you had never had before considered until this present moment 🙂  A creative idea to approach an element of your life.
    Mindfulness is such exciting stuff and has so much to offer.  

Taking time for yourself and making room for mindfulness regularly is a great way to support the well-being of your mind and your emotional body.
It’s a practice and like with all practice – regular use of mindfulness will prove most beneficial.
For instance – Here’s a mindfulness practice to try.
Get in a comfortable position, this can be seated or lying down.  Close down your eyes and

Take stock of your mind right now. . . .

  • What do you notice?
  • Which thoughts are loudest for you in this moment? 
  • Which emotion/s can you recognise?

Now practice allowing these to be. Practice being non-judgemental, allow your mind to be as it is, and if you find yourself following a negative thought pattern that isn’t serving you, gently re-focus your attention on your breath.  

Set a timer for one minute, say on your phone, close down your eyes and spend one minute listening to your breath, sitting with your thoughts.

Allow your thoughts to be – showing yourself acceptance and quieting the mind to allow for some truly beneficial rest of the mind.

After you are finished, identify one thing you are grateful for in this moment, and sit quietly for a little longer and open your mind up to some new thoughts – is there a new train of thought you would like to try out? Perhaps an intention or outlook you would like to practice carrying out in to the rest of your day to benefit you and those around you?

You’re running this ship and now is a great time to try out your new thought patterns 🙂

If you’d like to incorporate float therapy into your mindfulness practice – an hour in the pod is a great way to set aside time to care for your mind and foster mindfulness.

You’re in a relaxing, comfortable and safe place – and you and your mind are safe to rest here.