Floating Improves Cognitive Function

The Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique (REST) utilizes float tanks in order to help people heal, both physically and mentally. Float Tanks, otherwise known as Sensory Deprivation tanks are like big enclosed baths with 550kgs of epsom salts, advanced filtration systems and they provide the perfect conditions for the brain to REST and restore optimal function.

 Benefits on the Brain:

  • Neurological pathways can be rewired during floating
  • General Brain Function is improved
  • Increased concentration and focus
  • Creativity
  • Altered states of consciousness arise without external distractions
  • Clarity of Mind
  • Reduced brain fog
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved brain plasticity (thanks to the high magnesium absorption) improving learning, memory and overall cognitive function
Floating for the Brain

During a float session, the removal of external stimuli allows the brain assimilate the information that has flowed into it. This assimilation can actually help with problem solving and decision making because after neurons have time to rest, new neurological pathways can be easily formed. An example of this is when you have had an epiphany mid-shower which is a moment of creativity and essentially indicated the formation of new pathways in the brain. In the Float Tanks, the brain isn’t trying to deal with a barrage of incoming information so it can actually utilize what you know in more effective ways. This prompts improvement in the individual’s ability to focus, concentrate, and find clarity.

Michael Hutchinson, author of “The Book of Floating,” describes how an increase in full body circulation and oxygen delivery to all the cells in the body directly aids the brain’s capacity for higher mental function and neuroplasticity.

“Floating promotes vasodilation, facilitating blood flow to all the parts and systems of the body, including the brain. It creates a whole body healing effect.” – Dr. John C. Lilli

Regular float sessions train your motor nerves to rewire your brain to more regularly secrete endorphins, resulting a more consistent state of happiness, relaxation, and sustained positive energy levels. The pituitary glands also releases endorphins during floating.

Testimonial: “Every time I float, it seems like a completely new experience. There’s something so powerful about sensory deprivation and everyone should try it, whether for physical healing, the mental aspects, or for the spiritual journey. The conditions are like nothing you will experience in the outside world.” – Adam

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Written by Skye Miller