Float Therapy


What is Float Therapy?

Floating is both safe and simple. You firstly shower, get in the roomy floatation pod, lie down and let your mind and body release built up stress, anxiety and tension. The positive effects of floating can often last for several days. Deep relaxation is achieved by allowing your body the freedom to float weightlessly in a concentrated salt solution in a specially designed light proof and sound proof pod.

The quiet darkness of this bliss filled sanctuary allows your mind to remove all the white noise and sensory input of the external world, allowing you to easily slip into a deeply relaxed and meditative state. By freeing your mind from all outside distractions, your body can focus on repairing and rejuvenating itself.

The concentrated Epsom salt solution is super buoyant with high levels of magnesium sulphate, which is easily absorbed through the skin, helping to ease muscular pain, alleviating stress and promote relaxation.

Go into your first float with an open mind, relax back into the water, let go and enjoy the beauty of float therapy.

The Benefits of Floating

The Physical Benefits of Floating

“The Ultimate Shivasana” – Dr Justin Feinstein.

  • Reduces stiffness & tenderness in the muscles
  • Enhances athletic performance by speeding up muscle recovery time and eliminating fatigue
  • Promotes blood circulation through the limbs
  • Assists with boosting endorphins
  • Reduces inflammation, stress hormones & heart rate
  • The water and Epsom salt combination help in facilitating the removal of toxins from the body.
  • Alleviates chronic pain symptoms (for example arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis & migraines)
  • Relieves discomfort from pre-menstrual & pregnancy symptoms.
  • Improves skin health

The Mental Benefits of Floating

“The most important tool for developing my mind, for thinking, for evolving” – Joe Rogan.

  • Helps to reduce anxiety, depression, & nervousness
  • Combats sleep disorders (one hour in the float tank is the equivalent to 4 hours sleep)
  • Increases dopamine & serotonin
  • Increases mental clarity, alertness, energy levels, motivation & productivity
  • Synchronises the right (creative) and left (analytical) hemispheres of the brain
  • Allows you to enter Theta brainwave state – ideal for creativity, visualisation, insight & inspiration
  • Reach deep states of meditation and relaxation

Your Sensory Experience


Easily control your light settings from inside the pod. Light on or off and calming colour light therapy. Your room light is turned off for your comfort throughout your float.


We don’t recommend tasting the water, I already have and I’m happy to note… it tastes like Salt. Very bitter and will make your face go scary. Please DO taste the herbal tea before and after your treatment. A range of flavors to try – Fruits of Eden, Lemongrass and Ginger, Peppermint, Cammomile. Which one was chosen today?


All sessions can include 10mins music at the start and 5mins at the end, but if that’s not your thing, ask us about our options – music throughout, no music at all.


The cleansing smell of Epsom Salt and our beautiful anti-bacterial Clove spray awaits you inside the pod. Outside, enjoy smells of lavendar and lemongrass in the Chill Out Area and our beautiful organic bubbles products in the shower.


The Epsom Salt will leave your skin feeling magnificent! Silkier than ever before. Also during your float experience, you can expect not to feel the water at all. Heated perfectly to your body temperature, feel your limbs glide through the water like you’re in space.

Our Pods on the Gold Coast

Lots of research and discussion went into choosing our pods at Freedom Float Centre! We considered all things to do with the sensory experience, ease of use, clean design, easy and effective cleaning and mobility challenged clients.

In the end, we decided to go with the I-sopod float pod as your vehicle to freedom. With it’s sleek, stylish and spacious feel, it is designed to transport you to a new world of absolute calm and tranquility.

The i-sopod has an impenetrable silent sanctuary that is almost womb like, where anxieties and stress simply drift away. With it’s highly advanced filtration & cleaning system, the i-sopod is leading in innovation for float tank designs.

The design maximises our clients’ sensory experiences and each float can be easily tailored to the individual.


We can’t wait to share the I-sopod experience with you!

To read more about our float tanks, you can visit the I-sopod website here.

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