New To Floating

Floating in a float therapy pod is one of the best things you could do for yourself. As we go about our daily lives, everything requires movement, exerting energy, putting pressure on our body and constant thought processes. Imagine being in a sensory deprivation environment for an hour where you don’t have to do anything but let go. All gravity is lifted from every inch of your body, all external stimuli removed, so you can now focus on an optimal healing state for your body and mind.

In this environment, you can finally rest, recuperate and rejuvenate. The float pod is a completely safe, sterile and inviting environment, which you have control of your surroundings. Whether you choose to have the light completely off in the floatation pod, and door closed (we highly recommend to experience the full floatation therapy that you restrict environmental stimulation technique – REST state) or alternatively feel more comfortable with the light on and/or pod door open, either way you will float out feeling rested, recuperated and rejuvenated (and as if you have had a great night’s rest, since one hour in the tank can be equivalent to getting 4 hours sleep).

Go into your first float with an open mind, relax back into the water, let go and enjoy the beauty of float therapy.

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