Hello, Welcome, Hello, Hi, Hello.

This year has been different to the last and hopefully… different from the next, but if I had to take away anything from this year it would be that 2020 (on a positive note) has taught us to stay connected when the world just needed us to be apart. It’s made us appreciate those around us more than we ever thought possible.

And here we are… at the end of what will be a memorable year for decades to come.

The silly season seems to come around faster than a hot knife through butter and with that comes gift giving, connection, love, dessert, dessert, and yep you guessed it…. more dessert.

Now if you are like me, gift giving can become quite expensive and time consuming. I’m here writing this blog to not only help you, but to also help myself choose thoughtful, practical gifts that will get used and will benefit the lives of those around you. Keeping with the health and wellness vibe which is what Freedom Float Centre is all about, I have come up with a few ideas big and small that may help narrow down your search this Christmas.


EXPERIENCES under $100 


Whatever your budget is for Christmas just remember…
1. Sometimes an experience can cost nothing.
2. Heartfelt letters or gifts made from old belongings are sometimes all it takes to put a smile on a loved ones face.
3. Donating to a charity or donating your time if you aren’t able to spend the day with family can be a selfless and generous gift.

Don’t underestimate your abilities to give this Christmas.

Start your day with gratitude and everything else will be a bonus.

I hope everyone has an amazing silly season this year and here’s to bigger and better things for 2021.