Whilst thinking about writing this article and how floating can aid in recovery, I was mulling over what defined recovery and who could benefit? Upon reflection I realised that most people at some point in their life will have to recover from some sort of injury, or even need support in their regular training or exercise routine, therefore we all can benefit from the physical benefits of floating.

If you follow NBA basketball you may be familiar with Golden State Warriors champion Stephen Curry, who has played a huge part in the team’s victory. His moves are watched in awe by fans worldwide and it is becoming known that he attributes a lot of his focus and stamina dominating the court to using float therapy as a recovery tool. Click HERE to check out an interview with him in regards to floating.

Elite athletes globally are seeking tools to aid their recovery so they can be top of the game of their sport, and floating is becoming increasingly popular as a proven effective therapy for muscular recovery after intensive training, as well as post injury.  The therapy is becoming so recognised for it’s positive physical benefits, that science institutions and performance recovery centres globally conduct research on the results from floating for recovery.

So how does float therapy help so greatly with recovery time?  The environment of 550kg saturated Epsom salt solution, combined with no sensory input that puts an individual into an ultimate restorative state.  For many years not just athletes, but people with muscular aches and pains have soaked in Epsom salts to alleviate symptoms. So you can imagine how beneficial it is going to be soaking for an hour in 500kg+ of saturated Epsom salt solution. The magnesium sulphate in the Epsom salts acts as an anti-inflammatory, reducing any swelling and inflammation in the muscles and joints, as well being a muscle relaxant and helping shift lactic acid build up in the body (which can be what gives us the aches and pains as the muscles are trying to rebuild and recover from strenuous exercise). The buoyancy of the Epsom salt in the tank creates a weightlessness for the body, where all pressure is taken off your joints, muscles, particularly in the lower back and limbs. Many clients have arrived limping into the centre after an intensive training session, and been amazed when even within a short period they’ve felt physical relief.

The second component that plays a part in the effectiveness of float therapy is the sensory deprivation environment of the float pod. The human brain is a powerful tool that has an amazing ability to facilitate a healing process within systems of the body when it is put in the conditions to be able to do so. When you go into the silent, comforting space of the float pod, with the no sensory input (sound effects only at the beginning and end) and no light (this is also optional to turn your light switch on or off) your brain can easily go into a theta brain wave state.  This meditative state is the phase before you go into a deep sleep. In this homeostasis state of the mind and body, your brain begins to produce high levels of dopamine (your body’s own natural pain killers) as well as an increase in serotonin, which is your “feel good hormones”. Because your mind is not in a fight or flight response, your central nervous system can go into a state of recovery and work on healing the areas of your body that is needed.  Overall float therapy reduces muscle fatigueincreases blood flow and circulation to inflamed areas, reduces your stress hormones and reduces inflammation, so with all of these forces combined, your post game, post training session or post injury recovery process will be sped up so you’ll be top form in no time!

We get many professional athletes coming in for their float sessions after training, but you may also benefit if you have had an injury sustained from an accident, something work-related or training. It’s most rewarding for us seeing all of our local athletes and many of our clients that suffer with chronic pain from injury having a better quality of life and wellbeing, due to the positive effects of floating. If you want to really amplify your recovery process, book in an infrared sauna session with us before your float. Infrared saunas are another modality that is awesome to shift lactic acid out of the muscles, reduce inflammation in the body. 30-45 mins in the sauna before your float will have your muscles stretched, loose and prepare you for your next training session, particularly because the combination of these two therapies can last for days after.  If you book in an infrared sauna with your float, it’s just $15 for a half hour session, with a saving of 50% for you!

To check out other benefits of floating for your mind and body, click HERE.

If you’ve never floated before, book your first float and receive 3 for $150! For other pricing options click HERE.

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– Asher xx