There are a few common statements and questions raised by visiting clients on the topic of floating. “What if I can’t switch off?” “I didn’t switch off as much as I thought I would.” “I wish I was able to fall asleep!” “Can I even fall asleep, will I drown?”. Regardless if you’re a seasoned floater or first-timer, we want everyone to get the max benefits out of float time, so you can then experience the plethora of benefits for your mind and body that that awesome post float glow brings.

First things first – prep time:

  • Try to avoid drinking caffeine for the 2 hours prior. Floating is putting your body into a state of homeostasis, which is an awesome healing mode for your central nervous system. The last thing you want is to be wide awake with a caffeine buzz, staring into darkness and twiddling your thumbs waiting for the hour to pass.
  • Don’t eat a big meal right before your float session otherwise you’ll probably be startled awake halfway through your session from your stomach growling and digesting food (we speak from experience).
  • Wear your reusable ear plugs we supply – placing them firmly into your ears before showering and stepping into the float pod. They will maximise your sensory deprivation experience.
  • Don’t shave right before your float, due to the salt it may sting a bit when you first jump in. We provide organic barrier balm to act as a protectant layer for if you have any small cuts or abrasions.
  • After you’ve showered carefully step into the tank and stabilise yourself on the sides so you don’t feel like you’re bobbing around for ages. Lay back and you’re ready for your zen session.

Don’t put pressure or expectations on yourself:

Every float experience is different, from person to person, and even from session to session, depending on what’s going on in your life/day. You may have the deepest meditative experience in one, or be compiling your shopping list in another. Whether it is your first float, or hundredth, go in with no expectations on how the session will go, or if you’ll be able to switch off, last the hour, or fall asleep.  Many podcasts on floating talk about some pretty prophetic, psychedelic experiences occurances, but for most this isn’t likely to happen in your first float, your brain is adjusting to an unfamiliar environment . Just have fun and enjoy thoughts of all the positives it is going to bring for your mind and body!

There’s no need to be nervous:

Sometimes we have a giggle with nervous first timers and ask them if they have bunjee jumped or sky-dived before. If you can do these activities, you most certainly can lay in complete silence and darkness for an hour. For first time floaters it sometimes takes a while to adjust to the environment. It’s an unfamiliar sensation floating in darkness, bobbing up and down in 550kg of saturated salt solution. You’re unsure if you can safely fall asleep (fyi: you totally can, the most that would happen is you may splash yourself if you startle awake), you are testing out if you feel completely ok with having the light on or off (you have your own light switch on in the tank to see what suits you), as well as whether you feel comfortable with the pod door open or closed (you have full control of accessing your pod door).  If you’re feeling afraid about being claustrophobic, falling asleep, or drowning, know that you are in a completely safe environment where you have full control. It is impossible to drown in a float tank and most of our clients nod off to sleep without even realising.

Rock the birthday suit!:

Yes we are fully aware Crystal wears her bathing suit in our Intro to floating video but that’s for obvious reasons of course! If you feel more comfortable wearing your swimmers the first time then by all means do, however we highly recommend though going el naturale. You have your own private room with a lock on the door, shower facilities and we house state of the art filtration system pods. Enjoy fully immersing yourself in the full sensory deprivation experience, sometimes the material against your skin can get crunchy from the saturated salt solution. If you do choose to wear your bathers, don’t forget to rinse them out after.

Do a lil stretch:

We have a beautiful chill out space within our centre, with relaxation mats and bolsters provided. You’re always welcome to utilise this space before or after your float to stretch out your muscles, listen to a guided meditation on your phone and get super relaxed prior to your session.

Use your breath to guide you to relaxation:

Our breath is such a powerful tool. A lot of us don’t use even 70% of our lung capacity. If you’re getting thoughts coming in and out of your mind space whilst you float, use your breathe as a focus point. Rest your hand on your belly and breathe deeply into your stomach for counts of 4-6 inhaling in and out. Try this several times, breathing as deep into your stomach area as you can. This is awesome to lower your stress hormones, and assist in detoxifying your body.

Incorporate a regular “treat yo self” float routine:

Floating is a pretty affordable treat that you begin to notice the increasingly positive benefits when you make it part of a regular float routine. We get asked how often should you float. Ideally it is good to get a float in once a week, or fortnight if schedule and budget permits. Try one of our Intro to Freedom – 3 float passes to give you an idea of what it feels like within your body and mind after floating regularly. Your sleep improves, stress levels lower, your muscle recovery speeds up, pain within your body reduces and you feel recharged and refreshed from all of those happy, feel good hormones racing around your system on a regular.

Ride that post flow glow after:

You can sometimes feel a bit blissed out and sleepy right after your float. All of those beautiful happy feel good hormones are working around your body and the magnesium is absorbing through your skin, working it’s magic into your muscles, joints and all the other cool stuff it does. We don’t recommend rushing off to tick off the to-do list. Enjoy still-filled moments sipping organic tea in our chill out area, whilst chatting to another post-floater, or doing a little card reading for yourself. Continue on the post float blissful note and go for a beach walk along beautiful Burleigh Heads beach, grab yourself a fresh juice and sit on top of the hill, or curl up on the couch at home with a good book. You’ll feel even more benefits if you fuel your body with healthy stuff after and not rush off to hustle the rest of the day away.

We look forward to seeing you soon at the centre. We would love to hear any tips you have for the float pod that has worked for you, whether before, after, or during!?

Feel free to comment below or share with one of our friendly Freedom Team!

Asher x