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Q & A with the Freedom Float Leader - Benny

1. Why did you decide to start floating?

I had never heard about floating and a good friend of mine (Asher) was interning/working at a centre in Perth (Beyond Rest) who had the first 'pods' in Australia. She told me to give it a try so I decided to try this 'strange concept' and settled into it quite quickly.

2. How was your very first float experience?

Although I am not a 'water baby' I really enjoyed my first session once I got settled in. I was definitely not letting my head go completely and surrendering to the experience as it takes time to trust in the environment and the process so I came out with a stiff neck which is quite common. The second time around I let myself drop into it and that's when the real love began :) I've been experimenting with floating ever since and have loved every moment.

3. How long after your first float did you decide that you wanted to own a float centre?

It was after a few floats and loving that post-float feeling and actually the people I got to meet and the conversations post-float were amazing... people who know me, know that I love a good chat haha. So... the thought of opening a business with floating as a foundation amongst other things, to bring people together and eventually build a little community through amazing human connections was something that drove me from the start... with a just a few amazing 'chats' along the way. Going well so far haha.



More to come VERY SOON!

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