Plants are gaining popularity inside the home and workspace, with plenty to be seen in cafes, restaurants, offices, bars, hairdressers and shopping centres.  So why the increase?

It’s no surprise that seeing greenery boosts our mood, relaxes our nervous systems, and excites the primitive senses within us.  Don’t believe me? Try searching ‘busy city’ and note your reaction.  Now try searching ‘rainforest’.  How do you feel now?

Being a human we are a part of nature ourselves, exactly the same as plants are.  With a large proportion of our population now living within urban cities, and within a busy metropolitan scene, the need to foster greenery in our surroundings is more important than ever.

The hustle and bustle of inner-city living is dynamic, exciting and diverse.  With this fast-paced lifestyle, anywhere you can add an element of peace and tranquillity into your life is of great benefit.

So how can you add a touch of serenity to your everyday life? Plants, plants and more plants.  Incorporate them in every space that you’d enter on a daily basis, to instil a sense of calm within yourself.

~Let’s Start With the Home~

Not only do they look great, adding a splash of colour and an as-natural-as-they come design feature, they also enhance indoor air quality, filtering the air you breathe within your home.  They also enhance your connection to nature and the outdoors, which is a huge plus in this day and age, when you’re busy and might not have the time to venture to the great outdoors every day.

Additionally, plants are a great way to encourage and foster environmental awareness in children, so setting aside a weekend to pot some plants, and teach kids about caring for their greenery, is a great family activity.

~Turn Your Workspace into a Jungle~

Whether you work in an office, cafe, wellness hub, or from home, adding a plant here and there makes all the difference.  Being surrounded by plants can support productivity, clear the mind, and provide a visually appealing space where you’re more inclined to desire coming back to, and enjoy being in.  A huge plus for a workspace!

Plants don’t have to be time-consuming to tend to, there are numerous species which live quite happily in water alone – think Philodendron, English Ivy and Arrowhead, which all thrive solely in water.  Add cuttings of these plants to any glass container, filled halfway with water and watch it grow.  Get as creative as you want with what your plant grows in, round glass vases and scientific beakers both make attractive homes for your plants.  Add one to your desk, counter, or hang one in the bathroom, any area it will receive non-direct sunlight.  As the plant grows you can take cuttings, and create another plant in another glass.  The perfect gift for a co-worker who had a bad day.

Lighten up your workspace with nature and see how this affects your mood.

So now you’ve brought life and colour into your home and workplace, notice how this changes how you feel in these spaces.  More life around you encourages liveliness and vitality within yourself, and significantly benefits your mental health.  What are you waiting for you? Get creative adding a plant here and there, and enjoy your fresh new space to live and work in.

Looking for inspiration? Come and visit our float centre, which is beaming with a whole forest of plants, placed around the centre to invite the idea of nature into our wellness space, providing a truly inviting atmosphere.  Clients frequently comment on how much they enjoy the feel of our space, made ever-more peaceful by the beautiful plants surrounding us.

Come and enjoy our plant-filled space, relax in our chill-out area, take a deep breath in, and send a thank you to the plants for the beautiful air quality they provide.

Enjoy a Float, Massage, Meditation Class, Sound Healing Session, Infra-red Sauna, or book in for a Kinesiology, Naturopathy, Hypnotherapy or Psychology appointment.

We welcome you into our beautiful plant-filled space.

Written by Sara B