We are wishing all of our community a Happy New Year from the Freedom Float Team!

It is now 2022, and it is safe to say that these last few years have been anything but predictable. A new year brings in fresh energy, as we find ourselves reflecting on the year gone and conjuring up new inspiration. Usually, we would be met with all sorts of advertising telling us to completely change our lives, workout everyday, go on a diet and wake up at 4am in hopes of creating a “new me”. This intense motivation usually leads to unrealistic expectations, that are met with a few weeks of effort and then a quick fizzle out.

During the times we are living through, this ‘hustle’ culture no longer serves us, as our external reality is changing at a constant rate. It is now time for us to centre ourselves and create lasting, sustainable habits that lead us to clear minds and long term success. Taking small steps everyday eventually lead us down a long path, and it is up to us what we choose to walk towards. A healthy lifestyle is more than just what you eat, but how you spend your time, what fills your thoughts, how you feel and your overall approach to life.

Here are five ways you can make steps towards a life filled with more peace, health, love and joy.


1. Rewire Your Brain To Gratitude

What is gratitude? Gratitude is the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. What if instead of constantly trying to fit more into our lives, we just appreciate what we already had? Maybe you are grateful for the beautiful part of the world you live in, your health, your family… Start your day by making a list and before you know it, you will have pages full of all the amazing things you are blessed to have. This action will quickly change the way you feel, the way step into your day, speak to others and take action in your life.



A great book that explains the science of rewiring your brain is “Becoming Supernatural”, By Dr. Joe Dispenza. He says “Bless your body, bless your life, bless your soul, bless your future as well as your past, bless the challenges in your life, and bless the intelligence within you that is giving you life” (Dispenza, 2017).


2. Begin Meditation and Yoga Practice

It is equally important to take care of our internal environment, as our external. Sitting down to meditate isn’t always easy. That is why we also recommend yoga, as syncing movement and breath, makes it a lot easier to drop into a space of inner peace and calm. 2021 left many of us overwhelmed and lost in the sea of never-ending work, media and stress. This is why it is more important than ever that we find our centre amongst the chaos.

It is not about quieting the mind, but about sinking below the noise into the seat of the Self. It can be described well through the metaphor of the ocean. Picture the top of the ocean, full of waves and currents pulling us in all directions. It would be an almost impossible task to completely calm the surface of the ocean. Meditation allows us to sink below the surface, where the water is calm, steady and we can clearly observe the currents above us.


3. Living An Active Lifestyle

There are so many reasons to move your body; for fun, joy, increased heart health, stronger muscles, endorphins… the list goes on! Rather than going on 28 day challenge, that ramps up your motivation for a short period of time and then quickly fades, try setting a realistic goal for yourself. Maybe that means working out three times a week, or adding in a morning walk to your routine, trying out a new dance fitness class or starting a yoga practice. Everyone is different and different styles of exercise light everyone up differently! It is more important than ever that we take care of our health, and getting sweaty is a key part in this! Small actions create great long term change, in the way you feel physically and mentally.


4. More Presence

To put it simply in the words of Kurt Vonnegut, “I am a human being, not a human doing” (Vonnegut, 1979). When is the last time you just sat in silence and appreciated the present moment? When is the last time you spent time with your loved ones without distractions or screens? To be present, is the greatest gift of all, and it is what we are welcoming more of into this year.

Try a simple practice, of stopping, feeling into every cell in your body and taking a few deep breaths. Maybe it is just as you open your eyes in the morning, or among nature, take the time to really soak in this temporary period of your life. Slowly bringing this practice more and more into your day is very achievable, whether you find yourself lost in your own thoughts during a traffic jam, or just about to pull out your phone whilst waiting in line. There is beauty to be witnessed in all small moments. Tune out of the chatter and distractions, and into true appreciation. It is a feeling like no other. If not now, when?


5. Nourish Yourself

If there is any message that we are constantly blasted via television, advertising and social media, it is that we are not enough. Of course, we are sold the idea that we can achieve worthiness by buying into the latest fad diet, fake tan, make up or fashion. It is 2022, and it is about time we awaken to the toxicity of this idea, and realise that we truly are enough as we are. We deserve nourishment, we deserve self-acceptance and love!

We have all tried unhealthy restriction and fad diets… when have they ever worked? It is time we tune into our natural hunger cues, what nutrients our bodies need and focus our diet on whole foods from the Earth. Again, every body is different and the perfect balance will exist in different forms. Choosing a mindset of worthiness and knowing that your body deserves the very best care, and a little bit of chocolate, is what will help you achieve real glowing health from the inside!


Put yourself first this year, so you can pour from a full cup and create impactful change in your community. Stay true to your unique path, values and vision. If nobody believes in you, we do! Sending out our love and best wishes to you all!