Last year, we saw a huge change for many of our lifestyles as we were forced to slow down and reflect. This has largely influenced the trends we are seeing in wellness in 2021. So, let’s take a look at what we can expect to see in the health industry in the coming months…

Skin Is In

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Magnesium is key for skin health. Magnesium sulphate is a natural exfoliant for the skin which helps to remove dead cells and clean pores resulting in fewer blackheads & less oily skin. This is great for acne prone skin.

In our float therapy tanks, there is over 500kg of magnesium salt per pod. This allows for a  weightless experience and improves our circulation by allowing blood vessels to dilate more fully. This improves blood flow to the lymphatic system and leads to more effective drainage of toxins and waste. Overall, it is wonderful for reducing the appearance of cellulite and giving the skin a more plump and full look.

Magnesium deficiency increases the production of histamines, which can lead to further instances of blotchy or red skin. If we are lacking in magnesium, it results in the loss of fatty acids from our skin, which are essential for maintaining elasticity and moisture. Without these fatty acids, skin can become dry, patchy and inflamed. Raising your magnesium levels by floating can help with psoriasis and eczema.

Community Love
In 2020, we saw a lot of small businesses struggle to stay afloat. The silver lining of this situation is the large emphasis we saw on community supporting one another. We are so grateful to have had an overwhelming amount of people continue to purchase vouchers for loved ones even during our forced lockdown. The effect that had on our business helped us stay afloat and since re-opening the business has been better than ever and we can’t thank our generous community enough.

Coming into 2021 ,we continue to see people supporting small businesses more than ever. Instead of coffee at a large chain company, people are opting for small local cafes. A lot of us are lending a listening to connect with friends and family too. It’s been beautiful to see this trend of kindness and generosity in our community, and it is here to stay!

Intuitive Eating
How many of us learnt to cook in lockdown? Coming into 2021, a lot of people are listening to their body more. It is great that as a society, we are learning to tune into the natural cycles of nature which includes ourselves – we are a part of great nature too! Instead of feeling guilty for going overboard during quarantine, we are slowing down and reflecting. What does my body really need? Do I feel full? Am I hungry? It is wonderful to see us all gravitate away from toxic diet culture and nourish ourselves.

Digital Detox
The more technology advances, the more screen time we bombard ourselves with. There are free streaming trials on every service imaginable, just to find something you haven’t watched before. Constant scrolling and not much productivity. It is becoming more apparent, the negative impacts constant stimulation and blue light exposure is having on us. What ever happened to the days of puzzles and board games with the family? We are seeing more and more this year, that taking a social media detox is the way to go. There has been an increase in the number of people leaving the Facebook platform completely on January 1st, 2020. Some have shared that they have a ‘no phone rule’ after 7pm. Others have been coming in to our wellness centre between 6-8pm, which allows them a detox period, for a few hours before bed. Challenge yourself to give it a go and look up every once in a while. You’ll be amazed at how much you are on autopilot a lot of the time.

Virtual Fitness Classes
Unfortunately, the fitness industry was hit hard over the last 12 months. We saw some gyms adapt quickly and head online for virtual fitness classes, whilst other gyms had to close down completely as restrictions increased. Online memberships increased and when gyms re-opened, as people found it a more cost-effective way to train without leaving the comfort of their homes. It doesn’t look like home workouts are going anywhere anytime soon, as people have come to realise they can save time and money. Goal setting will definitely be key to keep gaining results and stay motivated.

Make Up Free Beauty

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Gone are the days of putting on a full face of makeup. We are seeing an increase in more beauty services like skincare and at home facials. As mentioned earlier, good skin is in! Having an effortless look but still feeling glowy and radiant is the way of the future. Letting our skin breathe and finding ways to enhance our natural beauty has been a breath of fresh air. We are seeing a lot of companies bring out at-home devices that we would usually go to a salon to get such as microdermabrasion, at home skin peels, light therapy devices. The skincare industry is booming and the makeup market is clueing on.