What an amazing description of her journey with floatation therapy written by one of our now “experienced floaters” Alyse from An Apple a Day.


Last night I had yet another incredible float tank experience, but I wanted to let you know that it wasn’t always relaxing. The first time I floated, I hated it. I had a million things on my mind, I didn’t want to relax but I knew that I needed it. I got bored, I swished around in the water, changed my ears plugs 15 times, at one point I even contemplated checking the time as I’m sure one hour had passed already and they’d likely forgotten about me (they hadn’t). When the lights came back on, I jumped out of the tank and told myself I was never coming back. I walked outside of the room and as I was about to tell my husband about my experience, he tells me he loved it and had fallen asleep. I was clearly missing something, so I bought their 2 for 1 Intro pack. 

I had to psych myself up for the second round. I went at 8pm so I was relaxed and tired. I still never fell asleep, but I moved a lot less and definitely didn’t want to check the time. I left feeling more accomplished but still not sure what all the fuss was about??

Took me right up until my third attempt to finally get it. After I drifted off for the last 30mins of my hour float, I finally understood what I’d been missing this whole time. I never fell asleep but I zoned out so much I was annoyed when the music came back on (letting me know it was time to get out). 

Now being what some would call an “experienced floater” …nights like last night (aka.. pure heaven) are my norm. But, I do have the occasional hiccup every now and then. The only difference is I’ve realised those hiccups (the days where I am swishing around in the water and literally bouncing off the walls… are the days I need it most). 

Have you floated? Did you love it or hate it? And more importantly…. did you go nude? 


23/8/18 – Excerpt from Alyse’s Instagram page.

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