Frequently Asked Questions

We supply towels, organic body wash, shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser, earplugs and earbuds, face wipes. Located at our hair drying station are a hairdryer, hairspray and several combs. You do not need to wear swimmers in the pods, however, if you feel more comfortable, you are welcome to wear them. If you have long hair, we advise that you wear your hair up in a loose pony or bun. You may bring your own swimming cap to keep your hair dry (please note, the water may still seep in). We do sell reusable swimming caps if you forget yours (if you have dyed your hair in the last 7 days, or the colour is still coming out in the water, you will be required to purchase a swimming cap.

Being in one of our roomy state-of-the-art pods makes you feel like you are floating in outer-space. You are in complete control of your surroundings and can even open the lid, or turn on the light at any stage if it makes you feel more comfortable. Our staff always endeavour to make your experience amazing and help you feel as comfortable as possible before your float. We will talk you through every step of the way and will answer any questions you have!

We only allow one person in each pod. We are home to 3 I-sopod float pods, so you can float at the same time as two of your friends/family. It would not be enjoyable to have another person in the same pod. Although they are big and there would be enough room, it is so nice to have your own space and be able to move around (even though I’ve floated a lot, sometimes I just can’t relax, so it helps that I can slowly bounce from wall to wall).

We have no minimum age requirement, however we advise that a child is old enough to be aware that the salt water may get into their eyes or mouth.

Under 12yrs old – a parent/guardian must wait inside the float room for the duration of the float.
Under 18yrs old – a parent/guardian must be present in the float centre for the duration of the float.
We have had children as young as 6 or 7 years old float with their parent (or in the room). It’s a great bonding experience, particularly for ADHD/ADD children because floating can calm the mind and enhance focus and concentration.

Absolutely! Each room is equipped with a lock on the door, your own shower & toiletries. You can float in your bathers if you feel more comfortable, but most people float in their birthday suit, as bathers can press against your body & distract from the experience.

Yes, the float pod will feel like a giant womb for you and your body. Imagine releasing all of the tension and gravity from your body for an hour! Please note, if you are in your first trimester, unfortuanetly we cannot accomodate you floating or having a massage due to our insurance. Any time after the 12 week mark, feel free to visit us!

You may fall asleep (as many people do in the float pod), however, the water is so buoyant with Magnesium Sulphate that you stay afloat. The most that can happen is you may startle yourself awake and get a bit of salt water in your eyes (we provide spray bottles with fresh water to use if you get the water in your eyes or on your face).

You are in control of your float experience and can get out of the float pod at any point, however, the majority of floaters report that they lose track of time in the pod and an hour goes by super fast. If you absolutely cannot switch off, it is still beneficial to sit up in the pod and soak up the Magnesium.

We take sanitisation of our pods very seriously. Our I-sopods has an extremely advanced filtration system that filters through three complete cycles between each person, filtrating finer than the end of a hair follicle. With the high level of natural bacterial-killing qualities of the Magnesium Sulphate, in combination with the non-toxic disinfecting solution that we use, it is not possible for any pathogens to survive. The water inside the pod is more sterile than any pools/spas.

We get asked this quite often so we thought we would give a bit of insight. Our I-sopod float pods are one of the largest pods available. The capsules are wide and spacious, holding over 1000 litres of water (which is approxiamately 30cm deep) and 550kg of saturated Epsom salt soloution. Epsom salt baths can be beneficial to bath in at home, however the environment of the float pod is unique with the concentration and buoyancy of the magneiusm sulphate solution, combined with the option to have no sensory input (light off and door closed). The water in the pod is heated to a comfortable skin temperature, so after a little while you begin to not be able to tell the difference between where the water ends and the air begins. Giving the weightless, relaxed sensation that zero gravity brings. This environment can’t be replicated unless you are an astronaut floating in space, or of course floating in the Dead Sea (but even then you would still hear and see movement around you).

This can come down to personal preference. We often recommend to clients to trial different times of the day and see how you feel. We are open from 8am to 8pm most days of the week, so it gives a variance of times to choose from.  If you have a full schedule for the day, why not try floating first thing and then feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the tasks after. Or get all of your to-do list done and have the afternoon off after your float to make the most of the post-float blissed out feeling? Even better book it in on a day you have nothing on and treat yourself to a self-care day. Take yourself for a healthy lunch after your float and beach walk in the sunshine (mini retreat much?!). If you suffer from insomnia or broken sleep, try one of our evening sessions and it may help you switch off and get a good quality night sleep. This is due to the magnesium in the epsom salts acting as a muscle relaxant.

If you have any further queries about floatation therapy, or if you are unsure if you can float or not due to health conditions, please feel free to give us a call on 0455 220 853,or alternatively you can email us at Freedom Float Centre.