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  • Sarah RotheramNaturopath (BHSc) and Kinesiologist

    Sarah is a qualified Naturopath (BHSc) and Kinesiologist, having a passion for maintaining health and complete wellbeing. Sarah has been working within the health industry since 2008 and is extremely passionate about nurturing and educating her clients through their healing journey.

    Naturopathic Medicine is based on the philosophy that disease can be prevented by supporting the body and promoting its ability to heal itself. Through the use of nutraceuticals, herbal medicines derived from nature and the implementation of a healthy diet and lifestyle practises, we are able to support our whole wellbeing. Naturopathy can help provide treatment for many health conditions including stress, fatigue, allergies, hormone imbalance, digestion, weight management, detoxification, anxiety, female reproductive health, fertility and preconception care, insomnia and other sleep disorders.

    Kinesiology involves accessing information from the subconscious to determine what your body needs to heal. Each muscle in our body is connected to our brain through the physical and nervous systems and by using gentle, non-invasive muscle testing techniques we can begin to identify the blockages and create steps to stop them from re-occurring. These blockages are often caused by emotional trauma, unresolved stress, physical injury or insufficient nutrition in our diet. Using Kinesiology, Sarah can assist you through these challenges, and identify and manage triggers to stop unhealthy habits. If you need assistance with stress, anxiety, negative thinking, belief systems, learning difficulties, sports performance and goal setting, contact Sarah to create healthy balance in the mind and physical body.

    Sarah’s thorough and efficient treatment plans, combined with her warm and caring nature, ensures that her clients have incredible outcomes, giving them the capability to reach their optimal health and wellbeing. Using a holistic model of care with her treatments, she finds and treats the cause of imbalance within the body, rather than treating the symptoms alone.

    Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge & expertise by combining a variety of modalities such as Naturopathic Medicine, Kinesiology, Neuro-Link (NIS), Reiki, Nutrition and Fitness Coaching. All of which effectively promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. She looks forward to sharing, educating and assisting you on your journey to wellness.

    Book A Session With Sarah

    Call/text Sarah on 0431 388 665 or the centre on (07) 5535 7778

  • Kyha NolanHypnotherapy and NLP

    Kyha is a qualified hypnotherapist / NLP practitioner who is registered with the Australian Hypnotherapy Association (AHA) of Australia as a Professional Hypnotherapist. Kyha continues her professional development through the AHA to ensure she remains current with the latest teachings to ensure she can provide the best service to her clients.

    With a successful background in hairdressing, having owned and managed two salons, Kyha has a natural affinity with people and a genuine desire to help people improve their life. The formal training in hypnotherapy and NLP has given Kyha the skills and tools to be able to work with clients and assist them address and overcome a wide range of issues.

    Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro “Neurological Processes” Linguistic “Language” Programming “automatic behaviours”) are safe, effective methods to help people address issues at a subconscious level. These issues include anxiety, bed wetting, limiting self-beliefs, insomnia, compulsions, excess alcohol, public speaking, phobias.

    Kyha is a keen sportsperson, having competed in a range of sports at senior levels. She brings this love of sports into her practice and has a special interest in helping athletes overcome mental blocks that are preventing them from reaching their true potential.

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    Call/text Kyha on 0431 407 180 or the centre on (07) 5535 7778

  • Gustavo Se CestariPsychotherapy and Counselling

    Gustavo has extensive training in Psychology (three degrees including a Master of Clinical Psychology), is a qualified and experienced mindfulness instructor and a yoga teacher (RYT500).

    He is passionate and skilled at helping people resolve emotional and psychological difficulties, develop emotional balance and thrive being their natural selves.

    In a nutshell, he works in the domain of Human Thriving. His therapeutic approach is based on a synthesis of science, evidence-based therapeutic interventions, meditative traditions and ancient wisdom. His services are grounded, comprehensive, sensitive and effective, and attend the whole spectrum of human experience – from extreme states of psychological distress to happiness and thriving.  He has a warm and insightful nature, which combined with his extensive training, resulting in a strong therapeutic alliance and actual positive change.

    He offers a variety of courses, public talks, workshops, psychotherapeutic and coaching services and nature retreats. Gustavo is the founder of AMAR Centre for Growth and Mindful Living, For the Love of Humanity Project, the Inherent Naturalness Process for Flourishing and Conscious Oneness Yoga. Gustavo also manages ANANDA Rainforest Retreat, a Meditation and Wisdom Centre in Currumbin Valley that helps people rest, heal, grow and thrive.

    If you would like to:

    • effectively reduce anxiety, self-doubt, depression, stress and other psychological/emotional difficulties;
    • deal wisely with conflicts and stressful life situations
    • gain clarity of yourself and life
    • move from tension to relaxation and ease
    • and live a life in which you feel happier and empowered

    Book A Session with Gustavo

    Call/text Gustavo on 0430 434 417 or the centre on (07) 5535 7778

  • Stephen McInnesIntegrative Remedial Massage Therapist

    Stephen’s journey as a massage therapist started through life changing events over 25 years ago, leading to where he is today. Having worked  within Australia’s leading health Retreats;  The Golden Door, Eden Health Retreat and Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, he has gained extensive knowledge and experience in holistic health, particularly in the dynamics of body mechanics and the function of good posture . He continues to pass this knowledge on to all his clients.

    Stephen has been practicing bodywork and massage for the past 26 years and brings a wealth of knowledge to his work. He thoroughly enjoys being of service and continues to learn and be inspired by his work as well as his clients.

    His massage practice is mirrored by his own personal journey into health and wellness. He is a cancer survivor and brings attention to the aspects of prevention and healing as it arises in his work.

    Over the years, he has developed a unique body of work through varied modalities. By working to listen and improve our conscious, overall body awareness in holistic health, can we achieve the best results. He tailors each specific treatment to his clients needs. His speciality is to assist and improve his clients  awareness of habits, patterns and perceptions that may be causing discomfort or pain.

    Stephen continues to enhance and develop his practice through teaching, education through his sessions and workshops, as he brings deep understanding to his work.

    Stephen works intuitively and offers both traditional and specialised treatments including: Remedial massage, Sports Bodywork (may include trigger point therapy), Chi Nei Tsang (Chinese abdominal massage) and  Lymphatic Drainage massage.

    Stephen’s personal practices for his own holistic health include: Yoga, 5Rhythms Dance, surfing and being out in nature as much as he can.

    Stephen has lived within the Gold coast community for the past 30 years and now resides with his beautiful wife Jacqueline and son Alex in Currumbin Waters

  • Kylie WallisIntegrative Remedial Massage Therapist

    For as long as Kylie can remember she’s been deeply in love with the mystical nature of our human experience so it’s no surprise that her professional skillset has grown to include a range of therapeutic modalities which embrace the understanding that health & wellness is fundamentally an act of co-creation between the seen and unseen aspects of Life…. Body, Mind & Spirit. 

    Amazed and humbled by the power of compassionate human touch & its ability to connect hearts, heal bodies & soothe spirits, Kylie is passionate about providing holistic treatments that nurture your whole being whilst also providing practical and functional remedy for physical imbalances or injuries and the discomfort they cause. 

    Working as a Remedial Massage Therapist since 2014, Kylie has a strong working knowledge of anatomy & the principles of energy medicine and incorporates methods beyond traditional remedial massage. 

    She works closely with your unique expression to facilitate immediate positive change to the muscular, lymphatic, digestive, energetic and nervous systems resulting in reduced pain and inflammation, the release of muscular tension, removal of energetic and emotional stress, an increase in physical range of motion and circulation, improved digestive function and immunity and an enhanced mental and emotional states.

    HICAPS available.

    Book A Session With Kylie

    Call/text Kylie on 0407 548 395 or the centre on (07) 5535 7778

  • Claudia Perez-RuizRemedial Massage Therapist

    Claudia knew from the beginning of her psychology studies that her main field of practice would be working with people. Through learning about the human mind, she was passionate to continue to expand her knowledge and evolve.

    Upon completing her Psychology degree Claudia specialised in Infant Psychology and complimented that through studying Baby Massage Therapy. This gave her a vast knowledge and understanding childhood physical and mental health and the positive effects for both children and parents that massage creates. Promoting babies social, emotional, cognitive and physical development through nurturing touch, massage and love is Claudia’s speciality.

    Claudia loves helping others to heal and to reach their goals through the connection of mind, body and soul. She knows that all levels are connected to each other and when treating the body it is also important to treat the emotional body and the mind listening very carefully.

    Claudia believes in a holistic approach and treatment that not only focuses on muscle tension as a physical result of stress but also takes into account a client’s emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

    For Claudia, illness and stress affects not only one’s physical but also emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing. Massage allows the body’s natural healing abilities to come forth and balance the entire body as a whole, being aware of any emotion, thoughts or experience we may feel during the treatment.

    With a genuine love for healing people, she will use love, passion, intuition and deep knowledge to create the treatment that you both deserve and desire. Claudia is looking forward to meeting you here at Freedom Float and Wellness Centre.

    Book A Session With Claudia

    Call/text Claudia on 0451 760 412 or the centre on (07) 5535 7778

  • Sarah SignerRemedial Massage Therapist (Not available for Blisscombo vouchers)

    Sarah, originally from Switzerland travelled the world at the age of 19. Her passion for diverse culture and general well being has always been of very high interest.

    She likes to incorporate relaxation massage with Myofascial release, deep tissue work and trigger point therapy. Sarah has a wealth of knowledge in her field, and she developed a deep understanding of effective musculoskeletal treatment and mobilizing damaged and impaired muscles and tendons through working hand in hand with other health professionals like physiotherapists and podiatrists.

    Combining these different techniques makes for a relaxing, yet effective massage in relieving tight muscles from everyday use or injuries from overuse. Sarah decided to become a massage therapist because she loves helping others to overcome injuries, to improve mobility and to maintain good health.

    HICAPS available.

    Book A Session With Sarah

    Call/text Sarah on 0424 635 684 or the centre on (07) 5535 7778

  • Meg FranklinRemedial Massage Therapist (Not available for Blisscombo vouchers)

    Originally, I trained in Japan first before making the big move to Australia in 2006.

    I aim for long lasting results and eventually, restore you to good health so you can live the life you love. I like to see the whole body, not a part of your problem. We need to think about all those body parts that can be affected by any pain. I may give you ‘’homework’’  so we can work together towards your recovery.

    I treat remedial massage, dry needling, pregnancy massage and lymphatic drainage and can incorporate these into your individual treatment if you like.

    I have worked for 5-star hotels, beauty spas, physio clinic, remedial/sports massage clinic and Pan Pacific Masters Game 2012 in Gold Coast too, but I focus on pain relief now.

    I started my own business in Sunshine Coast in 2014. Now I’ve moved to the Gold Coast.

    When i’m not working, i’m relaxing with my fur babies. I’ve been training for Capoeira and enjoy the lifestyle, I’ve been bodyboarding for 20 years, but when there’s no surf, I can be found on a SUP.

  • Silvia MacroRemedial Massage Therapist

    Meet Silvia, an acupuncturist with over 12 years’ experience, and a remedial massage therapist who is passionate in helping people along the healing journey. Silvia studied Traditional Chinese Medicine in a hospital in China before coming to Australia in 2018 where she qualified as a Certified Remedial Therapist. Through her continued curiosity in the healing of the body through the power of touch, she has become proficient in such diverse therapies such as Dry needling, Bars Access, and Reiki. She believes in an integrated approach using different therapies and will customise the massage treatment to your individual needs, resulting in a complete treatment for your body, mind and soul. Silvia’s very caring, professional presence, in a beautiful relaxing environment, shall leave you with an overall sense of calm and a heightened state of wellbeing!