Claudia knew from the beginning of her psychology studies that her main field of practice would be working with people. Through learning about the human mind, she was passionate to continue to expand her knowledge and evolve.

Upon completing her Psychology degree Claudia specialised in Infant Psychology and complimented that through studying Baby Massage Therapy. This gave her a vast knowledge and understanding childhood physical and mental health and the positive effects for both children and parents that massage creates. Promoting babies social, emotional, cognitive and physical development through nurturing touch, massage and love is Claudia’s speciality.

Claudia loves helping others to heal and to reach their goals through the connection of mind, body and soul. She knows that all levels are connected to each other and when treating the body it is also important to treat the emotional body and the mind listening very carefully.

Claudia believes in a holistic approach and treatment that not only focuses on muscle tension as a physical result of stress but also takes into account a client’s emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

For Claudia, illness and stress affects not only one’s physical but also emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing. Massage allows the body’s natural healing abilities to come forth and balance the entire body as a whole, being aware of any emotion, thoughts or experience we may feel during the treatment.

With a genuine love for healing people, she will use love, passion, intuition and deep knowledge to create the treatment that you both deserve and desire. Claudia is looking forward to meeting you here at Freedom Float and Wellness Centre.

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