Kyha is a qualified hypnotherapist / NLP practitioner who is registered with the Australian Hypnotherapy Association (AHA) of Australia as a Professional Hypnotherapist. Kyha continues her professional development through the AHA to ensure she remains current with the latest teachings to ensure she can provide the best service to her clients.

With a successful background in hairdressing, having owned and managed two salons, Kyha has a natural affinity with people and a genuine desire to help people improve their life. The formal training in hypnotherapy and NLP has given Kyha the skills and tools to be able to work with clients and assist them address and overcome a wide range of issues.

Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro “Neurological Processes” Linguistic “Language” Programming “automatic behaviours”) are safe, effective methods to help people address issues at a subconscious level. These issues include anxiety, bed wetting, limiting self-beliefs, insomnia, compulsions, excess alcohol, public speaking, phobias.

Kyha is a keen sportsperson, having competed in a range of sports at senior levels. She brings this love of sports into her practice and has a special interest in helping athletes overcome mental blocks that are preventing them from reaching their true potential.

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