For as long as Kylie can remember she’s been deeply in love with the mystical nature of our human experience so it’s no surprise that her professional skillset has grown to include a range of therapeutic modalities which embrace the understanding that health & wellness is fundamentally an act of co-creation between the seen and unseen aspects of Life…. Body, Mind & Spirit. 

Amazed and humbled by the power of compassionate human touch & its ability to connect hearts, heal bodies & soothe spirits, Kylie is passionate about providing holistic treatments that nurture your whole being whilst also providing practical and functional remedy for physical imbalances or injuries and the discomfort they cause. 

Working as a Remedial Massage Therapist since 2014, Kylie has a strong working knowledge of anatomy & the principles of energy medicine and incorporates methods beyond traditional remedial massage. 

She works closely with your unique expression to facilitate immediate positive change to the muscular, lymphatic, digestive, energetic and nervous systems resulting in reduced pain and inflammation, the release of muscular tension, removal of energetic and emotional stress, an increase in physical range of motion and circulation, improved digestive function and immunity and an enhanced mental and emotional states.

HICAPS available.

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