As a teenager I had a curiosity to learn about the skin and natural treatments and went on to do a beauty therapy course. There was a massage component that felt so natural to my body. The following year I started my massage course and have been passionate about massage and body work ever since. Around the same time I was learning massage I discovered I had endometriosis which further fulled my love and understanding for natural healing and of the mind body connection.
I have worked as a remedial therapist for 9 years and in that time worked alongside many therapists, each teaching me a new technique or a way to understand the body. Working with a chiro gave me a greater understanding of the spine, alongside physio exercises and other connective tissues. Over the years I have learned intuitive balinese massage, yin yoga, kineseo tapping, visceral manipulation and womb and fertility massage along the way. I have a great passion for womens health and empowerment.  To me addressing the mind body connection is key to treating clients.
The body has an incredible wisdom and healing power its my privilege to support and allow it during our sessions.