‘The greatest, most rewarding relationship you’ll experience is the one between your heart and your mind’

Lauren has a passion for inspiring people to connect with their intuition so the messages between the heart and the mind are crystal clear. She believes wellness is a personal journey and enjoys discovering the path that best resonates with each individual. Lauren offers her wisdom through her Hawaiian style of massage using different modalities so that each session is tailored to individual desires.

Training in the Noosa Hinterlands at Mette’s Institute was a highlight of Laurens personal journey, where she had some profound experiences that influenced her career change into the wellness industry. Lauren continued to study Kahuna Massage, Reiki, Yin Yoga and Law of Attraction and owned a Massage Sanctuary in Sydney.

Each of her beautiful Hawaiian massages are designed with the intention for you to experience inner bliss by aligning the body, mind and spirit. Lauren’s heavenly touch nourishes the cells and softens any resistance so the divine energy within you can flow effortlessly.
Lauren uses elements of:

Kahuna Hawaiian Massage
A therapeutic massage technique based on the teaching & practices of ancient Hawaiian Kahunas to elevate wellbeing. Perfect for eliminating energetic blocks so the divine energy can flow through you with ease. The flowing strokes from forearms, palms, and fingers are like being gently massaged by the ocean & the treatment is like a dance between two souls.

Reiki and Energy Work
This modality allows the divine intelligence of the cells to repair and optimise wellbeing through universal energy. Harmony and balance can be restored by working with the energetic field surrounding the body.A gentle yet highly effective approach to nourish cells and dissolve stress and ailments.

Fascia Stretches
Certain movements and stretches will open the fascia. Fascia is the body’s connective tissue that provides a framework that helps support and protects the whole body including individual muscle groups and organs. Keeping fascia healthy has such a beneficial impact on your overall health.

Meditation & Visualisation
Meditation techniques help quieten the mind and allow the opportunity to connect to your inner being. Visualisation is an incredible tool for projecting images to direct energy towards your desires. This allows the body to build beneficial neural pathways that have the ability to eliminate limiting beliefs. The beauty is your brain doesn’t know the difference between images that are real or made up. So the bigger your imagination and belief can be, the more limitless you become!

Lauren invites you to come and experience the session for yourself as the magic lies in the process.

Experience teaches not words.
Lauren is known for her kindness and genuine love for people. Her intention of every treatment is to inspire and bring clarity to your own intuition. Each session she carries the ‘aloha spirit’ which means her focus is on bringing love and compassion to your soul. Lauren welcomes you into the magical space.

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