Sarah is a qualified Naturopath (BHSc) and Kinesiologist, having a passion for maintaining health and complete wellbeing. Sarah has been working within the health industry since 2008 and is extremely passionate about nurturing and educating her clients through their healing journey.

Naturopathic Medicine is based on the philosophy that disease can be prevented by supporting the body and promoting its ability to heal itself. Through the use of nutraceuticals, herbal medicines derived from nature and the implementation of a healthy diet and lifestyle practises, we are able to support our whole wellbeing. Naturopathy can help provide treatment for many health conditions including stress, fatigue, allergies, hormone imbalance, digestion, weight management, detoxification, anxiety, female reproductive health, fertility and preconception care, insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Kinesiology involves accessing information from the subconscious to determine what your body needs to heal. Each muscle in our body is connected to our brain through the physical and nervous systems and by using gentle, non-invasive muscle testing techniques we can begin to identify the blockages and create steps to stop them from re-occurring. These blockages are often caused by emotional trauma, unresolved stress, physical injury or insufficient nutrition in our diet. Using Kinesiology, Sarah can assist you through these challenges, and identify and manage triggers to stop unhealthy habits. If you need assistance with stress, anxiety, negative thinking, belief systems, learning difficulties, sports performance and goal setting, contact Sarah to create healthy balance in the mind and physical body.

Sarah’s thorough and efficient treatment plans, combined with her warm and caring nature, ensures that her clients have incredible outcomes, giving them the capability to reach their optimal health and wellbeing. Using a holistic model of care with her treatments, she finds and treats the cause of imbalance within the body, rather than treating the symptoms alone.

Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge & expertise by combining a variety of modalities such as Naturopathic Medicine, Kinesiology, Neuro-Link (NIS), Reiki, Nutrition and Fitness Coaching. All of which effectively promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. She looks forward to sharing, educating and assisting you on your journey to wellness.

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