Hello future Freedom Floaters!

Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey..

From the moment we made the decision 18 months ago that Freedom Float was going to be created, it’s been quite the exhilarating ride, with a few little bumps and detours on the way, but we are almost at the final destination of launch date!

We were advised by many, and learnt pretty fast that when starting a business, everything takes twice as long and can cost twice as much. This didn’t deter us the slightest, we experienced for ourselves the abundant benefits of floating, and knew we wanted to share this with the surrounding community and we were going to do all we could to make that happen.

We made the decision earlier on in the journey that the foremost priority for us was to not just offer our pods to our clients so they could experience first hand the benefits of floating, float therapy being an absolute state of freedom, yet to also offer a space where like-minded individuals are welcome to come recharge, create, meditate, chat over cups of herbal tea, attend a meditation workshop… and to just feel and be in a state of freedom. We as the founders of Freedom Float felt so passionately about facilitating this for others.

Starting Freedom Float Centre

After choosing Burleigh Heads as the ideal location for Freedom Float Centre (we wanted to be central for most who visit our centre, and what better geographic location than Burleigh, the Wellness Hub) we endured countless meetings with banks, potential properties locked in, then falling through, plans drawn up and redrawn, lengthy council application processes.. To now get to the point where we have commenced our shop fit-out. Yay!

With our little freedom machines (the pods) safely in storage, fresh paint & signage to the front of the centre, we tick off the tasks each day progressing towards launch. This week all of the wall frameworks went up, the chill-out studio is going to look awesome. We’re looking forward to the point when the floors go down, then this means we can move the pods in & get those babies cranking!

As everything takes twice as long in business, so it does in shop-fit out it seems (although our builders & contractors are steadily working away with the prize of floats upon completion, dangled under their nose 😉 ). We have been advised we will know an exact ball-park figure for the date of completion the next coming weeks, as soon as we hear this news, we will be passing on to all our fellow Freedom Fighters.

We are so pumped to share the Freedom Float space with you all. If you want to chat about the benefits of floating, or have any queries, feel free to call us on 0422 570 424. Looking forward to sharing more of our journey with you..

Bye for now,
Ash & The Freedom Float Team

In the Beginning- Freedom Float Centre