The level of energy we can bring to each day, plays a huge part in the way our lives unfold. It dictates how present we can be with our loved ones, how efficiently we can take care of ourselves, and how we are able to tend to our personal goals. Consistently high energy levels create freedom in our lives. This freedom comes when we learn how to flow with the natural fluctuations of energy within our bodies.

It is fair to say that, in our busy society, we have normalised struggling with low energy levels. How often do you hear people say, “don’t talk to me before I have had my morning coffee”? Almost everyday! This is not normal, and unusually low energy levels are often an indication of deeper health problems. It is important to listen to these factors within your body, and dive into the root cause of these surface-level symptoms.

You may be so used to having a lack of energy, that it is difficult to notice how it is holding you back in life. Think back to when you were a kid. Kids are always running around for hours on end and have so much life in their body.

Do you feel like that now? Are you praying for the end of the day when you can jump into bed? Are there times when you find it hard to concentrate? Do you rely on caffeine to get you through your day?

Other symptoms that may indicate low energy levels include; a lack of motivation to exercise, craving sugar, brain fog and increased memory loss.

Nutritional deficiencies are a common cause of low energy levels. The best way to find out if you are missing any vital nutrients is to get an annual blood test at your GP. This is the most accurate way to test your levels year to year, and see if any levels are decreasing over time. Use this information to supplement accordingly, and monitor any changes felt within the body.

Nutritional factors to consider include; iron levels, low thyroid hormone levels, diabetes, vitamin B12, vitamin D, coeliac disease, inflammation, kidney and/or kidney function, and mineral deficiencies.

Have no fear, if this sounds like you! There are many simple daily habits you can implement today, to gain back control of your health. Here are some of the easiest, most cost-efficient ways to naturally boost your energy…

1. Increasing your hydration levels. Filtered water is always best. Make it a habit to carry around a drink bottle and you will never forget to stay on top of drinking enough water.
2. Creating an exercise routine that you enjoy; whether this consist of yoga, running, weight-lifting, boxing, biking etc.
3. Prioritising sleep and forming good sleep hygiene. We wrote a great blog post all about sleep, just last month Tips For Deeper & More Restful Sleep – Freedom Float Centre if you would like some more in-depth information on this topic.
4. Centering your diet around whole plant foods; plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes.
5. Limiting alcohol consumption.
6. Setting boundaries with work and friends.
7. Engaging in a meditation practice. This can take on many forms; float therapy, yoga, breathwork and sound healing.
8. Monitoring caffeine consumption.

Bringing awareness to health issues in your life is the first step to making change and improving your quality of living. Spending more time on your self care, is always an investment in your long term health and your ability to show up as the best version of yourself.

In saying all of this, energy levels between men and women do differ, as we run on different hormonal cycles. For men, this is a very consistent 24-hour cycle, with a similar expectation of how their energy will peak and valley throughout the day. Women however, run on a roughly 28-day hormonal cycle, with peaks and valleys happening over the course of the month.

Cycle Syncing: How to Hack Your Menstrual Cycle to Do Everything Better (

Learning to observe the way your energy naturally increases and decreases is important. Listen to your body and what it needs. Some days, that might be a morning workout and others it might be an afternoon nap. Scheduling your time according to the rhythm of your unique body is best. Complete tasks that require a lot of physical and/or mental energy like a workout or intense study, at times when your energy is peaking. This is most likely the morning for most people, and during the follicular phase for women.

Remember, that taking control of your health is freedom. Nobody cares about your body and health, as much as it matters to you! Implementing these techniques will help you naturally increase your energy levels, and thus achieve a higher level of freedom within life.