Life Coaching

Life Coach + Energy Healing Practitioner

ThetaHealing®is a training method for your mind, body and spirit that allows you to clear limiting beliefs and deep emotional blockages, as well as reprogramming the unconscious mind, through going into a meditative theta brain wave state. Negative programs are identified through intuitive work and a series of gentle muscle testing techniques, then replaced with more positive programs and feelings. The effects can be transformative and empowering for the client.

ThetaHealing® treatment can be used to heal:

-Negative belief systems formed in childhood within the subconscious mind

-Trauma and emotions relating to experiences from the past

-Fear, anxiety, anger or depression

-Improving relationships

-Achieving goals and getting direction on your life purpose

-Assisting through transition of career and positive life changes

-Healing patterns and belief programs that hold you back from your passion and purpose

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