Gustavo uses a combination of evidence-based therapeutic processes, mindfulness meditation, positive neuroplasticity and ancient wisdom to help you thrive being your natural self. The therapeutic process with Gustavo is grounded, comprehensive, genuine and effective. During treatment you will:

  • Decrease anxiety, stress, tension and low mood
  • Gain clarity into your emotions and current issues and what to do about them
  • Develop a regular meditation practice and bring mindfulness to daily life.
  • Gain deep insight into why you feel the way you feel
  • Experience deep healing of the psyche and past hurts and free yourself from the past
  • Identify and expand on your natural strengths
  • Live authentically, empowered and on purpose

Sessions include a blend of guided therapeutic regressions, in-depth assessment, guided meditations, deep compassionate listening, comprehensive feedback, “a map” of your psyche, patterns, strategies, vision, and potential, and if desired, can include additional mediation and therapeutic retreats in nature.

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