SCENAR Therapy

The SCENAR is a hand held elctro-therapy biofeedback device that offers effective, non-invasive medical technology which works by stimulating the body’s inherent self- healing mechanisms, with no undesirable side effects.

SCENAR therapy is delivered via the skin, which produces local effects by stimulating the skin, muscle and blood vessels. It also has a systemic influence on the body by influencing the nervous and endocrine systems.

SCENAR impulses stimulate neural pathways via ‘active point’ on the skin in an effort to restore and to improve the function of disease affected organs and tissues. In general it reduces chronic pain and inflammation which is why SCENAR Therapy is so effective for treating a wide variety of ailments.

Whilst utilizing technology as a part of its treatment, SCENAR also has its background in traditional medicine. SCENAR Therapy has been designed around the principles of the ancient Chinese medicine of acupuncture, however SCENAR improves upon acupuncture through modern technology.

SCENAR offers a highly effective and lasting form of natural pain relief and gives remarkably fast results with acute injuries and offers steady improvement with chronic issues that may have been resistant to other therapies.

SCENAR also helps with sleep and stress related issues, accelerates recovery time, facilitates improved mobility and can be utilized along side mainstream medicine.